Christopher G. Stach II
Chicago, IL

rev. 2012-03-06

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High caliber and comprehensive leadership experience as a Project Lead, Technology Innovator, Process Evangelist and Change Agent in new software design, infrastructure development, system security, and overall business development in deadline-driven environments for leading high tech and business consulting firms.

  • Proficient as a seasoned project manager and cross-discipline team leader in all aspects of the business roll-out process for e-commerce, Internet and software solutions to support all areas of corporate growth.
  • Innovative definition, introduction and execution of successful IT programs and high-impact business proposals; solid assistance in generating high-growth revenue results and achieving significant cost savings.
  • Effective hiring, management, team building, organization, deployment, and development of top-notch talent at management, staff, and field levels; mentoring and motivation of teams to achieve top performance, maintain peak quality service, and meet aggressive business objectives.
  • Extensive talents in every phase of the SDLC, needs analysis, process improvements, attention to detail in time-sensitive situations, and ensuring on-time deliverables.
  • Fully proficient in essential PMP processes, as well as TQM and related quality methodologies and best practices.
  • Consistently recognized for aligning business practices, strategy, resources, and goals while streamlining and improving IT operations to meet essential objectives, develop innovative applications, and ensure total system security.
  • Contributor to various Open Source Software projects, including the Linux kernel, Gentoo Linux, Spring Framework, Hibernate, PMD, and ActiveMQ.


Infrastructure Design Strategic Planning Relationship Building
Budget Planning Policy Development IT Security
Scope Definition Software Development Cost Reductions
Project Accountability


Independent Contractor, Chicago, IL
Principal - Solutions Architect / Software Developer / Systems Integrator

2009 – Current

Managing a proprietorship which engages in custom web, mobile, and back-office application development, technology consultation, big data processing, managed services, and IT infrastructure maintenance and troubleshooting for clients in multiple markets across the United States and Brazil.

Norvax Inc., Chicago, IL
Senior Software Engineer / IT Operations Manager

2004 – 2009

In charge of building and overseeing a team of cross-functional professionals in all IT and software development functions for this multi-technology service provider. Served as staff mentor, best practices expert, creative troubleshooting and resource person for complex problem solving.

  • Implemented a full featured continuous integration build process for all development projects, enabling peer code reviews, test driven development, static code analysis, and reporting.
  • Designed multiple Internet scale systems for the health insurance, life insurance, and mortgage markets and began an SOA initiative to integrate them with all business systems.
  • Virtualized all IT infrastructure services, decreasing server room power consumption by 40% while expanding availability.
  • Succeeded in increasing departmental visibility and corporate awareness by creating a company Intranet and centralizing SOA governance and a variety of key business functions.
  • Promoted to this position through levels of increasing responsibility because of skills in standardizing processes, increasing system stability and turning around stalled projects.

LeapFriend, Chicago, IL
Principal – Chief Architect

2003 – 2004

Organized a development team to create this social networking portal startup venture.

  • Orchestrated full development life cycle including interaction design, graphic design, and technical implementation.

New Media Labs Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Principal – Vice President, Research and Development

2000 – 2003

Responsible for handling multi-million dollar budgets and managing product design and introduction for this technical research and development contractor.

  • Launched a service to coordinate total system analysis with no downtime for in situ vulnerability assessment, thereby avoiding related availability issues in client systems.
  • Primary author of the original distributed client and server programs for the RSA RC5 56-bit Secret Key Challenge, which later grew into one of the largest distributed computing efforts in history.

NewYorkBaby Inc., New York, NY
Software Consultant

1999 – 2000

Contracted to fully design and introduce the e-commerce portion of the UrbanBaby network, manage infrastructure and perform security assessments.

  • Instrumental in getting this online store nominated for the Kelsey Group’s “Local Internet Service Award” for best localized e-commerce service.

Internet Security Systems Inc., Atlanta, GA
Senior Developer / Security Researcher

1998 – 1999

Responsible for managing all aspects of security vulnerability research for this provider of software and security services to a diverse client base.

  • Identified and resolved one key vulnerability (CVE-1999-0430) that expanded exposure and increased marketability for this firm.
  • Authored various network vulnerability assessment tools and vulnerability assessments for internal use by security professionals.

NetDox Inc. / Deloitte & Touche LLP, Deerfield, IL
Manager of Network Operations

1996 – 1998

Designed and maintained a robust global systems and network architecture that focused on high security mission-critical applications.

  • Acted as subject matter expert on Internet best practices for the development team.
  • Developed a private network between locations in the US and Europe; deployed two electromagnetically shielded data centers; ensured 99.999% uptime.
  • Successfully launched and supported several major security initiatives.
  • Instituted a procedure to streamline software package roll-out, resulting in faster, fully auditable application delivery.


Held various professional and project positions, such as Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Software Engineer and Independent Contractor, for clients including:

Macromedia Inc. Organic Online Inc. Nortel Networks
Interactive Imaginations, Inc. Columbia House
Individual Investor Hanes / L’eggs Spiegel



Sun Expert Level 1000 & 2000 Solaris 2.x Administration SunNet Manager

Programming Languages:

C / C++ Java PHP Python Erlang Scala Perl
Lua Scheme Tcl Expect JavaScript Bourne shell C shell
Lisp Ada Pascal lex yacc Objective C
Assembly (x86, MIPS, SPARC, AVR, AVR32)

Programming Concepts:

Reverse Engineering Biological Algorithms Genetic Programming
Ant Colony Optimization Neural Networks Support Vector Machines
Particle Swarm Optimization Kernel Regression Bayesian methods

Development Frameworks, Applications, APIs, etc.:

Apache Hadoop Cascading Android Lift Akka
Amazon Web Services JGroups O2 JEE PMD
Spring Framework Hibernate JUnit Open ESB JAXP
Spring Security (Acegi) JavaSpaces J2EE SOAP REST
GigaSpaces XAP WebWork ANTLR Blitz Jini
Spring MVC GridGain TestNG MySQL AspectJ
Spring Batch OllyDbg Rio Ant gEDA
Apache ActiveMQ FindBugs Hyperic Mule ESB Struts
Apache Camel EasyMock Eclipse ZK JXInsight
Apache Lucene / Solr DocuSign iText RichFaces PrimeFaces
FUSE ESB (ServiceMix)        

Systems & Networking Technologies:

GFS Alfresco Xen Resin JBoss Amanda / Zmanda
Lustre Ourmon Nagios Zenoss Snort flow-tools rrdtool
Samba OpenLDAP Kerberos Zimbra VMware Postfix Sendmail
Red Hat Cluster Suite

Operating Systems:

Linux UNIX (SysV, AIX, Ultrix, IRIX, Solaris) BSD VAX/VMS / OpenVMS

Natural Languages:

  • Understanding of the French language.
  • Intermediate understanding of Brazilian Portuguese.